Historic Canfield Casino is no longer a gambling establishment, but it is a gorgeous event center, steeped in the history of Saratoga Springs. The Canfield Casino is Saratoga’s original gaming establishment, built in 1870, where it started out as an exclusive gaming location, no women, no locals allowed. Built by John Morrissey, it started out small and was expanded over the years, especially by Richard Canfield, whose name the Casino bears today. He bought the land around the Casino (now Congress Park) and built the Italian Gardens. He bought a Tiffany window for the West Wall and added an incredible dining room. The dining room featured the signs of the zodiac made in stained glass and set into the ceiling.

In the early 1900’s, pressure from the temperance movement, and anti-gambling sentiment meant that the Casino was forced to re open as a location for tasting the spring waters that Saratoga made famous, reading, playing games (not gambling), and socializing. The City of Saratoga took over the ownership of the Casino, and is in charge of it to this day. Today, the Canfield Casino is a beautiful focal point of Congress Park in Saratoga Springs. For directions to the casino, now open for visitors and as an event location, click the Directions Link at left.